National Implementation of IHL
Penal Code, 1965 (as of 1999)
Loi n° 65-60 du 21 juillet 1965 portant Code Pénal

Amended several times, including by Law No. 96-15 of 28 August 1996, J.O. No. 5709 of 5 Octobre 1996.
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Various sections of the Code relate to crimes against State security such as treason, espionage, offences against the authority of the State and other offences committed in time of rebellion. According to Article 91, application of these provisions can be extended in time of war or in peacetime to acts committed against the security of States which are allies of Senegal. Law No. 96-15 of 28 August 1996 introduced Article 295-1 , which establishes torture-related offences.

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