National Implementation of IHL
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Federal Decree Law No. 12 of 2017 on International Crimes
مرسوم بقانون اتحادي رقم (12) لسنة 2017 في شأن الجرائم الدولية

Official Gazette, volume six hundred and twenty two of year seventy four, 28/9/2017

The Law establishes national jurisdiction over four categories of international crimes, which are defined according to the following structure:

Chapter 1: Preliminary Provisions

Chapter 2: Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

Chapter 3: War Crimes (War Crimes Consisting in the Use of Prohibited Methods and Means of Warfare, War Crimes against Persons, War Crimes against Property and Other Rights, War Crimes against Humanitarian Missions and Distinctive Emblems)

Chapter 4: Crimes of Aggression

Chapter 5: Special Substantive Provisions (Enforcement of the Decree-Law and its Interpretation and Deportation Measures, Grounds for Relief and Exclusion of Criminal Responsibility)

Chapter 6: Special Procedural Provisions

Chapter 7 Transitional and Final Provisions.

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