National Implementation of IHL
Law No. 374 on the ban of anti-personnel landmines, 1997
Legge 29 ottobre 1997, n. 374, "Norme per la messa al bando delle mine antipersona"

Amended by the Law No. 106 of 26 March 1999 on ratification and implementation of the Ottawa Treaty on Landmines of 1997
Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 256 del 3 novembre 1997, (last accessed on 10.06.2013)

This law represents a national ban on anti-personnel landmines rather than specifically a piece of implementing legislation for Ottawa Convention. It is nevertheless wide in scope since its prohibits the use of anti-personnel mines, research on and the manufacture, sale, transfer, export, import and stockpiling of anti-personnel mines and their components, and the use and transfer of patents and licenses to manufacture anti-personnel mines in Italy and abroad. The definition it provides of an anti-personnel mine is actually broader than that contained in the Ottawa Convention, which explicitly excludes anti-vehicle mines equipped with anti-handling devices.

Article 5 of the law limits the number of mines which can be used for such purposes to 10,000. All other stocks must be destroyed within five years of its entry into force.

A "binding recommendation" made by the Parliamentary Committee and attached to the law calls upon the government to consider keeping no more than 3,000 mines and to include in the programme for destruction 200,000 "inactive" mines, 45,000 German-made AT2 anti-tank mines (which are sensitive enough to be detonated by a person) and 2 or 3 million so-called "button" devices that serve to transform 500-gram TNT explosive packets into anti-personnel mines.

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