National Implementation of IHL
The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Act. (Application to Civilians) Regulations

In 1996, the Government of Uganda adopted a statutory instrument to The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces act. The purpose of this Act is to regulate the application of Uganda Peoples’ Defence force act to civilians. Article 3 of this Act precise that a civilian to whom the provisions of the Act apply shall be tried only by the division court-martial, general court-martial and court-martial appeal court. Article 4 precises that a civilian cannot be arrested by a soldier without a warrant of arrest issued by a military court. Article 5 establishes fundamental guarantees for a civilian detainee. Article 6 provides civilians the right to have a legal representation before the military court. Article 9 of the Act establishes the right to appeal to a civil court.

Keywords: martial court, civil court, fundamental guarantees

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