National Implementation of IHL
Law on amnesty, 1991
Loi n°91-40 du 10 juillet 1991 portant amnistie

Journal Officiel No 5444, 136e Année, samedi 28 Décembre 1991,  (last accessed on 17.06.2013)

On 10 July 1991, Senegal adopted a law dealing with the armed conflict that took place in “Casamance”. Amnesty is granted to all alleged responsible persons having committed any crime or misdemeanour, from 1 August 1987 to 1 June 1991, either in Senegalese territory or abroad, which are related with “Casamance” events. Amnesty is further granted to crimes relating to export, construction and stockpiling of explosives which would have been committed between 19 May 1988 and 8 April 1991. Article 4 of the law specifies that amnesty does not grant the right to be reincorporated as a public servant. Public servants have to be reintegrated by virtue of a Decree.

Related laws and/or case-law: Penal Code, 1965 (as of 1999)

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