National Implementation of IHL
Hissène Habré case, Court of Cassation, 20 March 2001
Cour de Cassation, Hissène Habré, Arrêt n° 14, 20 mars 2001

Cour de Cassation, Première chambre statuant en matière pénale
Aff. Habré, Arrêt n° 14 du 20.03.2001, Cour de cassation (Première chambre statuant en matière pénale)

Senegal's highest court (Cour de cassation) upheld the decision of the Dakar Court of Appeal barring criminal proceedings against the accused, a former President of Chad, who was charged with complicity in crimes of torture. The court ruled that Senegalese courts lacked jurisdiction to prosecute and try aliens present on the territory of Senegal who had allegedly committed acts of torture outside Senegal. The decision was based on the absence of any legislative measure establishing such jurisdiction over torture-related offences, as required by Article 5, para.2, of the 1984 Convention against Torture, to which Senegal is a party.

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