National Implementation of IHL
Hissène Habré case, Dakar Court of Appeal, 4 July 2000  
Cour d'appel de Dakar, (ch. acc.), Hissène Habré, Arrêt No 135, 4 Juillet 2000

Dakar Court of Appeal
(last accessed on 29.08.2013)

Following a complaint lodged on 25 January 2000 by seven people and an NGO, the Association of Victims of Crimes and Political Repression in Chad (AVCRP), Chad's former president was charged in Dakar with complicity of "crimes against humanity, torture and barbarity" and was arrested.
The charges were dismissed by the Dakar Court of Appeal on 4 July 2000, on the grounds that "the Senegalese courts can not take cognizance of acts of torture committed by a foreigner outside the Senegalese territory regardless nationalities of the victims. The wording of Article 669 of the Criminal Procedure Code excludes the jurisdiction of the Senegalese Courts ".

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