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Geneva Conventions Act 1957
Geneva Conventions Act 1957 [taking into account amendments up to Act no. 18 of 2009] : an act to enable effect to be given to certain Conventions done at Geneva on 12 August 1949 and to a Protocol additional to those Conventions done at Geneva on 10 June 1977, and for related purposes

Extracts amended up to Act No. 42 of 2002. Full text amended up to Act No. 18 of 2009
Act no. 103 of 1957 as amended. - Source : (last accessed on 16.05.2012)

This Act provides for the punishment of grave breaches of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Additional Protocol I of 1977. The Act governs legal proceedings in respect of protected persons (prisoners of war and internees), including the determination of the entitlement of persons detained to prisoner-of-war status.
The Act also prohibits misuse of the red cross and other protected emblems under the Geneva Conventions and Protocol I.
Section II of the Act establishing jurisdiction over grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol I was repealed by the International Criminal Court (Consequential Amendments) Act of 2002 . The Criminal Code as amended by this Act now governs the repression of grave breaches.

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