National Implementation of IHL
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Law on the creation of a national committee to investigate alleged war crimes, 1995
Ley núm. 24.517 [julio 28 de 1995] : créase la Comisión Nacional Investigadora de Crímenes de Guerra

Boletín oficial Núm. 28.199, 1a sección, 3 de agosto de 1995, p. 2, (last accessed on 29.10.2012)  

This law sets up a committee within the Ministry of Defence to shed light on the facts concerning possible war crimes committed during the war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic in 1982. For this purpose, the committee may receive denunciations and evidence, investigate the whereabouts of Argentine nationals suspected of being involved and hear their testimony and statements. It may also denounce to judicial authorities any attempt to conceal or destroy evidence. The committee was instructed to issue a final report within 180 days after the date of its creation.

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