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Red Cross Society of Botswana Act, 1968
Act no. 4 of 1968 : an act to provide for the incorporation of the Red Cross Society of Botswana and for the protection of its emblems and to make incidental provision in connection therewith

Botswana government gazette Supplement B, 1 March 1968, p. 97-100

The Act constitutes the articles of incorporation of the Botswana Red Cross Society as the successor to the British Red Cross branch. The goals of the Society are "to carry on and assist in work in the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and the mitigation of suffering throughout the world in time of peace or war." The Society is recognized as a voluntary aid society auxiliary to the public authorities for the purpose of the Geneva Conventions and has the right to use the red cross emblem. The use of the red cross, red crescent, and lion and sun emblems by others than the Red Cross Society or persons authorized under the Geneva Conventions is prohibited and subject to penalties.

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