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Code of Penal Procedure, 1966
Ordonnance no 66-155 du 8 juin 1966 portant code de procédure pénale, modifiée et complétée

Loi 24/12/2012
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Article 582 of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for the jurisdiction of national courts over Algerian nationals suspected of having committed a crime outside Algerian territory and who have returned to Algeria, provided that the nationals concerned have not been brought to trial in a foreign country for the same acts, have not completed their sentence in a foreign country, and have not benefited from a pardon in a foreign country.

Article 585 subjects to Algerian jurisdiction persons suspected of having been accessories on Algerian territory to a crime committed outside Algeria, when the crime is punishable both in the foreign country and in Algeria and on condition that the crime has been established by a final judicial decision in the foreign country.

Book 7 of the Code of Criminal Procedure concerns extradition procedures. Extradition is denied:
-when the request concerns a political offence;
-when the suspect is an Algerian national;
-when the crime was committed on Algerian soil;
-when the facts have been the subject of a trial completed in a foreign country; or
-when an amnesty, affecting the case, was granted in the requesting State or in Algeria.

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