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Dukic case, Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 June 2009
Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina  (last accessed on 23.09.2013)

Mr. Novak Dukic, commander of the Ozren Tactical Group of the Army Republika Srpska, was sentenced on 12 June 2009 to 25 years imprisonment by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Section I, after being found guilty of war crimes against civilians (as defined in Article 173(1) of the Bosnian Criminal Code. According to the Court, Mr. Dukic, in his capacity as Commander, on 25 May 1995 ordered his unit to fire an artillery projectile at a location in the immediate centre of Tuzla, known as Kapija. 71 people were killed and approximately 130 injured as a result of the operation, in a zone that had been declared a safe area by Resolution 824 of the United Nations Security Council. The panel concluded that his actions constituted a direct and indiscriminate attack on civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law. Mr. Dukic was acquitted of a second count due to lack of evidence by which he was accused of ordering the artillery platoon to shell Tuzla with 9 artillery projectiles.

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