National Implementation of IHL
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Assize court of the administrative district of the Brussels-Capital region, 7 June 2001

On 7 June 2001 the assize court of the administrative district of the Brussels-Capital region handed down a decision, for which reasons were not given in writing, concerning the participation of four Rwandans in the events of 1994. A university professor, an industrialist (a former minister) and two nuns were found guilty of most or all of the charges brought against them, in particular that of having ordered, attempted to commit, committed or taken part in committing, through action or through omission, a whole series of intentional acts of homicide, which are punishable under the 1993 law on grave breaches of international humanitarian law. Particular reference was made to Article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, to the articles relating to grave breaches of these Conventions and their First Additional Protocol and to certain provisions of the Second Additional Protocol. The sentences passed by the same court the following day (8 June 2001) ranged from 12 to 20 years' imprisonment.