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Law No. 130-Z on Export Control, 1998 (as of 2004)
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On 19 December 1997 the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus approved the Law No. 130-Z on Export Control.

As provided by Article 5, the Law covers foreign trade activities by Belarussian state, legal and naturals persons and is applicable “when the actions or agreements accordingly made or concluded by state bodies, legal and natural persons of the Republic of Belarus outside the territory of the Republic of Belarus contribute to the dissemination of the weapon of a mass destruction, of common arms or damage the national safety, political and economic interests of the Republic of Belarus […] If an international agreement of the Republic of Belarus establishes other rules, than those established in this Law, then rules of the international agreement are to be applied.”

Article 7 defines the objects the export to be subject to control as - inter alia - biological/chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear wapons and nuclear explosive devices, military produces. Article 9 of The Law stipulates that lists of objects subject to export control are approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, and that such lists shall be open for public (Article 9).

Article 8 details the modalities for the control of export of objects under the scope of the Law as follows:

1. determination of lists of objects of export control with account of international approaches in this area;
2. determination of modes of export of objects of export control to some countries;
3. licensing of import and export of objects of export control;
4. granting of state guarantees for the use of goods of double application imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus for declared purposes and non-admission of their re-export without permission of authorized bodies of the country of the exporter;
5. control over the use of objects of export control;
6. exchange of information and other interaction with international organizations and bodies of export control of foreign states;
7. other measures of state regulation of import, export and transit of objects of export control stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
Finally, Article 15 establishes that criminal, administrative and other punishment measures foreseen by the legislation of Belarus shall be applied in case of any violations in the field of export control.

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