National Implementation of IHL
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Constitution, 1994
Lay n°24.430 ordenase la publicacion del texto oficial de la constitución Nacional, 1994

24.08.1994 (last accessed on 30.04.2013)

The Argentine Constitution dates back to 1853 and has enjoyed substantial stability since then, despite several amendments to the text. The most important 1994 constitutional reform (when approximately half of the articles have been changed and the length of the Constitution almost doubled) introduced a new emphasis on international human rights: it added the present article 75, section 22 of which elevates ten international human rights declarations and treaties to the same status as the Constitution itself. In May 1997, the Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons was added to that list.

Article 118 of the Constitution gives extra-territorial jurisdiction of the Argentine courts.

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