National Implementation of IHL
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Law on the manufacture, trade and carrying of arms and ammunition trade, 1933
Loi du 3 janvier 1933 relative à la fabrication, au commerce et au port des armes et au commerce des munitions

Abrogé par l'art. 48 de la loi du 08/06/2006
Moniteur Belge, 22 juin 1933 (last accessed on 22.05.2013)

This law regulates the production, trade and possession of certain types of arms and munitions. Significantly, the law bans the production, sale, distribution, transport, stockpiling and possession of anti-personnel land mines, booby traps or devices of a similar nature. While most of the articles are not applicable to the military or other branches of the public administration, Articles 22, prohibits the State from using, stockpiling, selling, acquiring or delivering AP mines or booby traps for a period of five years. A subsequent revision to this article requires that existing stocks of these devices be destroyed within a period of three years after the latter's entry into force.

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