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Law on international cooperation in criminal matters, 1997
Ley núm. 24.767 [enero 13 de 1997] : Ley de cooperación internacional en materia penal

Boletín oficial Núm. 28.565, 1a sección, 16 de enero de 1997, p. 1-5. (last accessed on 29.10.2012)

This law lays down the general framework for international legal assistance and cooperation in criminal matters between Argentine authorities and those of other States. If a cooperation treaty between Argentina and a requesting State has been concluded, that treaty will prevail over the law. However, the law may be used to interpret the provisions of a particular treaty. The law remains fully applicable in all situations, including for matters not addressed in the treaty.

Articles 9.a and 9.d state that war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as attempts against the life, physical integrity or freedom of civilians not involved in the hostilities will not be considered political offences, a status that might otherwise constitute an obstacle to an extradition request.

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