National Implementation of IHL
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Presidential Decree of 4 June 2008 establishing the National Commission of International Humanitarian Law
Décret présidentiel No. 08-163 du 29 Joumada El Oula 1429 correspondant au 4 juin 2008 portant création de la commission nationale du droit international humanitaire

Journal officiel de la République algérienne No 29, 4 juin 2008, p. 14-15, (last accessed on 05.09.2012)

The Committee's mandate includes advising and preparing recommendations for the government on all matters relating to national implementation and promotion of international humanitarian law, including the evaluation of domestic law and practice in this field. The Committee is chaired by the Minister of Justice and composed of representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, National Defence, Interior, Finance, Energy and Mines, Water Resources, Industry, Religious Affairs and Awkaf, Environment and Tourism, National Education, Health, Culture, Information, Training and Professional Education, Higher Education, Labour and Social Insurance, National Solidarity, Youth and Sports, as well as of the General Directorate for National Security, the general Command of the National Gendarmerie, and the Algerian Red Crescent, the Islamic Algerian Scouts and the National Consultative Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. Confirmed experts in the field of IHL and various organizations may also be invited to take part in the Committee's work.

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