National Implementation of IHL
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Penal Code (promulgated by Order No. 66-156 of 18 Safar 1386 corresponding to June 8, 1966)

Code pénal (promulgué par le décret n ° 66-156 du 18 Safar 1386 correspondant au 8 Juin, 1966)

Ordonnance no 66-156 du 8 juin 1966 portant code pénal, modifiée et complétée

Law of 20/12/2006 (last accessed on 06.04.2011)

The Algerian Criminal Code places considerable emphasis on the repression of offences against the State, such as conspiracy, treason, espionage, terrorism and other "subversive acts" against the safety or the territorial integrity of the State or the Constitution. Although no direct reference is made to international humanitarian law, the repression of certain common crimes may contribute to the respect of international humanitarian law: this is the case in particular for the prohibition of massacres and looting (Art. 84-86), the prohibition on the spreading of terror among the civilian population and the protection of the natural environment (Art. 87bis) and the prohibition of illegal arms (Art. 87 bis7).

The recruitment of mercenaries is also prohibited (Art. 76).

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