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Law on Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and Cooperation with the International Criminal Court, 2009
Zakon o primjeni Rimskog statuta Medunarodnog krivicnog suda i saradnji s Medunarodnim krivicnim sudom [19.10.2009.]

Službeni glasnik Bosne i Hercegovine Broj 84, 27. oktobra / listopada 2009., str. 1-5

A law addressing issues of ‘cooperation and provision of legal assistance to the International Criminal Court as well as specific characteristics of the procedure referring to criminal offences under Article 5 of the Rome Statute’ was adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 19 October 2009.4 The law also refers to ‘criminal offences against humanity and other values protected by international law regulated by the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina’, namely, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and aggression, as defined
in the International Criminial Court (ICC) Statute.
On the issue of complementarity, the law provides that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall have jurisdiction to conduct the criminal proceedings against alleged perpetrators of criminal offences under the Law. The ICC, however, would obtain jurisdiction to conduct criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of criminal offences ‘provided that the requirements
under Article 17 of the Rome Statute have been met’.
Regarding cooperation, the law provides that all State authorities shall cooperate fully with and provide legal assistance in a bona fide way to the ICC. It also states that Bosnia and Herzegovina shall accept the transfer of persons convicted and sentenced by the ICC in accordance with agreements to be concluded for each individual case.

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