National Implementation of IHL
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Federal Law on Cooperation with the International Tribunals, 1996
Bundesgesetz über die Zusammenarbeit mit den internationalen Gerichten

Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Jg. 1996, 87. Stück, Nr. 263, 13. Juni 1996, p. 2237-2244, Source : (last accessed on 24.04.2012)  

This law sets forth the rules for the cooperation of Austrian authorities with the two International Criminal Tribunals (former Yugoslavia and Rwanda). It includes provisions on investigations and proceedings of the Tribunals in Austria, on judicial assistance, searches, detention, transfer and through-transportation. It also sets a framework for the acceptance of persons for the execution of a sentence in Austria and includes a constitutional provision allowing for the transfer of Austrian citizens to the Tribunals.

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