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Agreement on Provisional arrangements in Afghanistan pending the re-establishment of permanent government institutions, 2001 (Bonn Agreement)
توافق در مورد ترتیبات اداره موقت  در افغانستان و در انتظار برقراری نهاد های دایم دولتی

22.12.2001 (last accessed on 12.12.2012); (last accessed on 07.10.2014)

On 22 December 2001 there was a conference at Bonn conducted to determine the end of the Afghanistan armed conflict and to promote national reconciliation; lasting peace; stability and respect for human rights in the country; acknowledging the right of the people of democracy; pluralism and social justice; and expressing integrity and national unity of the country. This agreement has five parts: General Provisions; Legal; Framework; Judicial System; Interim Administration; and Special Independent Commission for Convening Emergency Loya Jerga.
In Legal Framework and Judicial System, it is mentioned that the constitution of 1964 and existing laws and regulations will be applicable until the new constitution is approved and to the extent that they are not inconsistent with this agreement or with international legal obligations to which Afghanistan is a party. The Interim Authority shall have the power to repeal or amend those laws and regulations. The judicial power of Afghanistan shall be independent and shall be vested in the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, and other courts may be established by the Interim Administration. Also in this agreement the parties agreed on composition of interim government.
The Agreement was annexed to a Letter dated 5 December 2001 from the UN Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council [S/2001/1154] and endorsed by Resolution 1383 (2001) adopted by the Security Council at its 4434th meeting on 6 December 2001 [S/RES/1383 (2001)].

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