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Law on the Use and Protection of the Red Cross Emblem, 2002
Ley No 2390 del Uso y la protección del emblema de la Cruz Roja,  2002

Gaceta Oficial de Bolivia, No 2407, 19 de Junio de 2002, p. 3

The Law on the Use and Protection of the Red Cross Emblem sets out in particular the different authorized uses of the emblem (use as a protective device by the medical and religious services of the armed forces, civilian hospitals, medical units and religious personnel attached thereto, and by the Bolivian Red Cross; use as an indicative device by this Society and by other National Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies; and use by the International Red Cross organizations) and provides for the punishment of misuse, including perfidious use in time of war, in accordance with the Criminal Code and/or the Military Criminal Code. The illegal marking with the emblem of various documents (letters, leaflets, etc.) or goods or their packaging, and the selling or putting on the market of items so marked, are subject to a specific sanction. The red crescent emblem, the names “Red Cross” and “Red Crescent” and the distinctive signals for the identification of medical units or transports are also covered by this law.

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