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Law n°98-04 on protection of cultural heritage, 1998

Loi no 98-04 du 20 Safar 1419 correspondant au 15 juin 1998 relative à la protection du patrimoine culturel

Journal officiel de la République algérienne No 44, 17 juin 1998, p. 3-15

This act defines the national cultural heritage and lays down general rules for its protection and preservation, as well as rules for the implementation of this protection. The Ministry of Culture has overall responsibility for cultural property. The act provides protection measures, including a "general inventory" for registration, an "additional inventory" for classification, and "protected sectors". Cultural property is protected under one of these three protection regimes "according to their nature and the category to which they belong".

All protected cultural property is classified in the "general inventory." The list is updated every 10 years and published in the Official Journal of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Cultural property presenting a particular national interest for historical, archaeological, scientific, ethnographic, anthropological, artistic or cultural reasons may be registered in the "additional inventory" upon decision of the Ministry of Culture and on the recommendation of the National Commission on Cultural Property.

"Protected sectors" include historical villages and homogeneous constructed areas such as the Kasbas or Medinas having a historical, traditional, architectural or artistic interest justifying their protection and preservation. They are created and their boundaries set by decree, on the basis of reports submitted by the ministries concerned and a favourable decision by the National Commission on Cultural Property.

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